Name: bambi
Pronouns: she/her
Age: 19
Race: hispanic
Birthday: dec. 3rd.
Basic Info

- whats up, i'm bambi, 19, and i never learned how to fucking make decent bios

  • intp /ints, slytherin, saggitarious

- rlly into dirty talk, blood play, roleplaying & choking tbh

  • im so fucking beautiful why am I not Covered in cum rn

- mutuals, feel free to hmu if we have similar interests n u wanna chat !!!

- i'm forgetful so i may not always remember to respond though, so dont take it the wrong way if i forget!

    - u dont need to soft block or what the fuck ever, just unfollow / block me if u want idc

    - dont follow if ur into age play, i dont play w no demons

    • i usually tend to be picky w/ the ppl that i follow, i'm more inclined to do so if i see we're both into the same nsfw aesthetic tho